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STEP ONE | Cell Renewal Treatment


STEP ONE | Cell Renewal Treatment

from 38.00

STEP ONE | Cell Renewal Treatment (4.5oz) + YOUR CHOICE ON US

  • Cell Renewal Treatment (4.5oz.)

  • Cell Renewal Shampoo (8oz.)

  • Cell Renewal Conditioner (8oz.)

  • Hydrovital Mist (4.5oz.)

  • Elevate Root Amplifier(10oz.)

  • Silk Amino Peptide Therapy (2oz.)

  • Healing Clay (2oz.)

  • Finale Finishing Spray (10oz.)

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First pump a dime to a quarter size of the treatment into your palms and rub in well until your palms are warm. This activates the ingredients. Then massage thoroughly into the scalp for at least thirty seconds and pull through the ends of hair. This is done on dry hair and scalp prior to getting into the shower. You can immediately shower after massaging into the scalp for thirty seconds and pulling through or leave on for as long as you would like as an oil treatment prior to using your Cell Renewal Shampoo.