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October Sale | 3 Products for 3 Layers


October Sale | 3 Products for 3 Layers


October Sale | 3 Products for 3 Layers

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My October SALE just launched!

3 products to heal all 3 layers of the hair strand!

  1. Cell Renewal Treatment.

  2. Hydrovital Mist.

  3. Silk Amino Peptide Therapy.

Follow printed directions that arrive with your products. -Bo

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When leaves on the trees change, so does your hair growth cycle. In October, the scalp begins to shed hair 4x faster.

Science has shown seasonal hair loss to be an “evolutionary leftover” from needing extra hair during the hot summer to protect the scalp from UV rays. When the weather cools down, the sun becomes less intense and all the protection isn’t needed, hence the hair shedding.

We really want to focus on the 3 layers that make up a Hair Strand: 

  • Medulla- inner layer

  • Cortex- middle layer

  • Cuticle- outer layer

Medulla (inner) of the hair shaft. It’s the most soft and fragile and serves as the “marrow” of the hair. Not every hair stand has a Medulla inside the hair shaft, but the inner layer is the pathway to the most important part of the hair follicle, Dermal Papilla. The Papilla is responsible for hair growth. As long as we keep the Papilla healthy by the stimulation of blood flow then we have created the multiplication of cells. Each new cell is what divides into a new or existing hair follicle.

  • Cell Renewal Treatment will be used to create blood flow and scalp protection during our October month. This will also help keep those hair strands that are weak and damaged conditioned and nurtured (even while the older strand sheds) until the new strand is formed. As long as we keep blood flow in that inner layer, the bulb will keep a follicle at all times. As long as the follicle is planted, it then will produce a hair shaft.

Cortex (middle) is located between the cuticle and the medulla. It’s the thickest layer. It contains most of the hair’s pigment, curl pattern, thickness, and texture.

  • Hydrovital Mist plays a huge part with it’s concentrated ingredients that consist of Botanical Fruit Extracts, Vitamins, and Essential Oils. This is where the strength and elasticity is held.Once Cell Renewal Treatment has been applied and penetrated beyond the cortex it preps for all the nutrients mist provides. If we also keep the Cortex fed with the bliss the Mist provides then we have successfully strengthened the hair strand. Potential Melanin is exposed that once was in oxidative stress, and it continues to work with blood flow and the reproduction of cells.

Cuticle(outer) is the outermost layer and provides protection to the cortex and medulla. It’s also called the “style layer.” The cuticle determines how well your hair styles and feels, but also for allowing moisture to pass and stay. The Cuticle has tiny shingles or fishhooks that are made of protein based scales. For anyone that desires hair growth/length the cuticle is the most important. Since hair is dead it can only be preserved, and by doing this it’s keeping the cuticle protected and intact as long as possible.

  • Silk Amino Peptide Therapy consists of different structured amino acids. Not only does it help feed the strand with the loss of protein, it endures and keeps the strand formed and smooth.It protect and holds in every drop of Treatment and Mist we’ve added.The closing or sealing of the cuticle is the number one way to control the condition of your hair. When closed it keeps moisture in the shaft. Within a period of time the hair is much more flexible, soft, manageable, and less prone to breakage.