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EIGHT STEP: Signature Collection


EIGHT STEP: Signature Collection


The eight-step Signature Collection by Bo Stegall The Collection, consisting of all eight products:

  • Cell Renewal Treatment
  • Cell Renewal Shampoo
  • Cell Renewal Conditioner
  • Hydrovital Mist
  • Elevate Root Amplifier
  • Silk Amino Peptide Therapy 
  • Healing Clay
  • Finale Finishing Spray
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Thank you for supporting our vision of putting the “CARE” back into Hair Care.

This revolutionary 8 STEP “Anti-Aging” Signature Collection focuses on the proven science and chemistry of our patented Cell Renewal Technology. After the age of twelve, our Cells decrease in renewal at a rapid pace. In time, our cell turnover rate begins to decrease so tremendously that it leads to premature hair loss and thinning in both men and women. Our technology, proven clinically by our trials, shows a 98.7% change in the way hair grows out of the scalp and a 99.6% restoration to existing hair from the inside out. With a 100% approval in our trials of 1,000 people we proved to make hair grow quicker, fuller and healthier than ever before. We even proved 92.8% of our 500 testers with grey hair to bring back shades of the natural pigment and color they had prior to turning grey. We aren't just putting products on the surface of the scalp and hair for a quick fix until your next shampoo. Our innovative technology penetrates through the outer layer of the scalp allowing our ingredients to enter into the hair bulb where the hair is born. We are constantly healing the hair and scalp by using only essential oils, nutrients/vitamins, and Botanical Extracts. Our ingredients and technology combined allows for new hair growth with proper nutritional value, Silk Protein, and hydration. We simply speed up the Cell Renewal turnover time while balancing the PH of the scalp. A balanced PH cures dandruff, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea and other scalp and skin irritations associated with inflammation.