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Terms of Service


The Collection Membership, by The Hair Care Greenville, LLC | Bo Stegall | The Collection Autoship Membership (“Autoship Program”) allows The Hair Care Greenville, LLC, ( Bo Stegall | The Collection) to automatically ship their products to you with your recurring shipment options. It’s a convenient way to ensure The Collection products arrive regularly and that you never run out; saving you the hassle of having to reorder each time you need to purchase more products. The Collection Membership is only valid in the US (No out of Country Memberships available, nor Military APO/FPO/DPO members at this time). By signing up for the Collection Membership , you are agreeing to the following:


The initial term of this agreement shall be your first (1) period from “Auto-Shipment" set-out above and will fall into the Twenty-one (21) “BUSINESS” Day minimum. I agree that my second (2) scheduled “Auto-Shipment” will then be shipped within forty-eight (48) hours of my payment being processed and drafted. The Collection Membership will never be on an “Auto-Renewal” or ask for an additional Collection Membership Fee. Bo Stegall | The Collection reserves the right to change its prices associated with its products without notice.

In order to sign up for The Collection Membership, you must have a valid e-mail address and Credit Card and/or Debit Card | Banking Account | Routing Number. You may sign up by visiting

I authorize The Hair Care Greenville, LLC | Bo Stegall | The Collection to withdraw payment for my Collection Membership order(s) from my payment source supplied at the time of signup for the Collection Membership. Bo Stegall | The Collection is authorized only to withdraw payment equal to the amount of the products, applicable sales tax, and shipping and handling of products that I order, or the Collection Membership Order I have selected.

I agree to provide current, complete, and accurate information for my billing account, and to promptly update any changes (such as a change in billing address, credit card number, credit card expiration date, bank account number.) I agree that if any card payment or EFT Payment is declined or if there are insufficient funds for payment, The HairCare Greenville, LLC | Bo Stegall | The Collection may charge me an additional $25.00 service fee (“Late Fee”)

I understand that I am entitled to notice of all varying Card Payment and EFT Payments I understand that I am in full control of all payments and that this payment authorization shall remain in effect until the Agreement is terminated by providing the appropriate notice in accordance with the terms herein.

I agree that The Hair Care LLC, shall not be responsible and I shall be accountable for any expenses that I may incur resulting from overdrawing of my bank account or exceeding my credit limit as a result of an automatic charge made under this agreement.

I agree that if The Hair Care Greenville, LLC | Bo Stegall | The Collection chooses to use any collection agency or attorney to collect money that I owe them, I have the right to have the amount of any erroneous withdrawal deposited into my account as soon as reasonably possible and upon proper notification to Bo Stegall | The Collection. I shall hold Bo Stegall | The Collection harmless for all special or consequential damages, whether direct or indirect, resulting from any wrongful debit to my account.

You can not change your Collection Membership order selections, method of payment, or the authorized amount at any time. You can edit your order online from the Collection Membership Log in, or contact VP | Global Creative Director at Seven days prior to the process date for your next Auto-Shipment, you will receive an email reminder for the order, and that you can update it. Bo Stegall | The Collection reserves the right to change its prices associated with its products without notice.

Bo Stegall The Collection does not accept returns. Products purchased through the E-Commerce site cannot be returned to a Bo Stegall The Collection distributor nor to a salon which sells Bo Stegall The Collection products.

If a product purchased through the E-Commerce is DEFECTIVE, contact Bo Stegall The Collection Customer Service by phone at 1-864-449-0572 , or via email at , within 14 days of receipt of product. Description, images, and/or physical product may be required to provide replacement of defective product.

The Website and all of its contents including, but not limited to, articles, other text, photographs, illustrations, graphics, Bo Stegall | The Collection, designs, logos, and the collection, arrangement, and assembly of all content (collectively, “the Intellectual Property”) are protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws of the United States, as well as international conventions and the laws of other countries. The Intellectual Property is the exclusive property of The Hair Care Greenville , LLC | Bo Stegall | The Collection or its licensors.

No license or ownership rights in or to any of the Intellectual Property are conveyed to You by virtue of this Agreement or by Your purchase of any Product from the Website. The Intellectual Property is protected by the copyright and trademark laws of the United States. Unless otherwise permitted by law, none of the Intellectual Property may be reproduced by You without The Hair Care Greenville , LLC | Bo Stegall | The Collection prior written permission.